ABIE France Christmas Quiz on the 17th December 2020

One of the most popular events of the ABIE France calendar is the ABIE France Christmas reception held in the private Residence of the Australian Ambassador, with the magical lights of Paris below, and magnificent Australian art on the walls.

However this year, because of Covid restrictions, that was not possible so instead on Thursday, 17th December ABIE France held a festive Christmas Quiz on Zoom, with author Oliver Gee, the man behind the podcast The Earful Tower, as quizmaster.

Divided into teams of four, each led by an ABIE France board member, members took up the challenge. The eclectic questions ranged from sport, culture, history, general knowledge to ABIE. For example: Who won the 1999 World Rugby Cup? (Australia) to What would you find on the roof of the Ambassador’s residence (a herb garden) and The coat of arms of which Australian newspaper features the French motto Dieu et mon droit? (The Age).

A lost-in-translation question came up regarding President Macron’s 2018 visit to Australia when he described Lucy Turnbull, wife of then PM Malcolm Turnbull as “délicieux”… which prompted another question: After this comment, which cartoon character did the Daily Telegraph portray President Macron as?  (Pepé le Pew).

It was difficult for the French to recognise Bing Crosby crooning White Christmas, while the Australians struggled with Emperor Napoléon III’s involvement in the invention of margarine.

The winning team was The Trouble Bubble led by board member Marti Georgeff, who was joined by Asha Ramanathan and two new ABIE members Sarah McGrath and Claudia Schulz. Having all tested Covid negative that day, they were able to form a “bubble”… and share their Christmas bubbles.

Runner up was Stéphane Dupuy’s team Chuck a sQuiz made up of Peter Basile, Emile Victor and Galliane Gobenceaux, while Best Team Name Prize was the clever word-game ABIE-CADABRA.

Prizes for the winning team and the runner-up team came from ABIE France member companies South World Wines and Coutume.

It was a fun and festive night, and although it could never replace a cocktail high in the sky with one of the city’s most dramatic views, it was an occasion for ABIE France members to wish each other a Merry Christmas – and the hope that we can be together in person in 2021.

Our warm thanks to Oliver Gee for being both quizmaster – and ringmaster.