ABIE France in conversation with Samantha Lane, 9 October 2019

On a chilly Autumn evening in October, ABIE France members and friends were treated to a conversation with award-winning sports journalist and author Samantha Lane about the rise of women’s football in Australia and beyond.

Set amongst an installation of striking Aboriginal women’s textile art from the Bábbarra Women’s Centre (Northern Territory, Australia), part of the Jarracharra or “dry season wind” exhibition at the Australian Embassy, Samantha told the stories of the women and men who have fought to see AFL create a national women’s league: the AFLW.

Samantha spoke about her book Roar, which tells the story of the birth of AFLW and includes a moving chapter about indigenous Australian footballer Kirby Bently, who took Sam to country in deep Western Australia to share her life and love for the game.

Referring to the range of sports in her reporting repertoire, Samantha discussed the inherent value of both representation (on and off the field) and language around men’s and women’s sport, as they reflect hierarchies and priorities.

Ending the evening with a very engaging Q&A session, Samantha discussed the grassroots movement bigger than sport that is attracting fans, sponsors and spectators, and heralding an important cultural shift in Australia and globally.

ABIE France is proud to bring business events with such important cultural and social value.  We thank the Australian Embassy for supporting great events like this and Samantha Lane for sharing her insights with us in what was an inspiring and enjoyable evening for all who attended.

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