ABIE France-FINSIA Joint Webinar: Sustainable Finance – A Global Perspective

ABIE France is proud to partner with FINSIA to bring you a global perspective on sustainable finance.

Global financial markets are excited by the prospect of a low carbon and climate resilient future, which some are dubbing the ‘commercial opportunity of a generation’.

The time is now for building green recovery measures into decision making and we have an expert panel to give us the current global state of play.

Our panel will discuss:

  • “The Journey beyond ESG” · Challenging Modern Portfolio theory – Risk, Return + Impact · Impact Investing – Fad or mega trend?
  • The new innovative products being launched in here and overseas – Sustainable Linked Loans & Bonds;
  • Myth Busting – Sustainable finance and impact investing doesn’t mean compromised returns
  • The UN SDG’s and how to do they fit into sustainable finance?
  • What are the barriers (or opportunities) for the development of the growth of Sustainable and Impact investing?
  • Leveraging all forms of capital and Blended finance to de-risk your investments
  • Gender lens investing the new wave to address the gender gap
  • How COVID has widened the “gap” and how “Impact” can close it


Dominique Duval, Executive Director – Head of Sustainable Finance APAC, Crédit Agricole C.I.B

Dominique Duval

Giles Gunesekera SF FIN, Chief Executive Officer, Global Impact Initiative

Giles Guneka

Antoine Loudenot, President at Tout Simplement Magique (TSM)

Antoine Loudenot

Emily Tonkin, Director- Sustainable Finance, ANZ 

Emily Tonkin


Zarmeen Parvi, Senior Advisor – Australia and New Zealand, The Global Impact Investing Network


Date: Wednesday 9 September 2020 at 9h00 CET (17h00 AEST).

Registration can be made here.