Sotheby’s private visit: Collection of Marianne and Pierre Nahon | L‘Art c’est la Vie

A private viewing at Sotheby’s on Monday, 18 March took ABIE members and friends into the magical world of French contemporary art collector/dealers, Marianne et Pierre Nahon.

The elegant couple, now in their 80s, lived with the works they bought and sold, their Vence residence both a home and a gallery. It is why they called their collection “L’Art C’est La Vie” … also the title of the Sotheby’s sale.

The exclusive tour was organised by ABIE Board member Jeremy Durack,and was followed by a marvellous moment of admiring the works of art, champagne in hand, as if invited into the Nahons’ Vence home.

The ABIE group was privileged to have Cyrille Cohen, Sotheby’s Vice President France, and a world expert on Modern and Contemporary art, explain the importance of the major works, and put them into their historic perspective.

The Nahons were the first in France to show the works of Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Frank Stella and Robert Rauschenberg, among many others. They were also great supporters of the French Nouveaux Réalistes artistes including César and Arman.

While still a schoolboy, Pierre Nahon purchased his first Picabia with his saved pocket money. Decades later, another Picabia he and his wife Marianne purchased was for auction at Sotheby’s. The large work, an iconic figure painted in 1931, was estimated at between 2,500,000 euros and 3,500,000!

Following the enchanting visit that encapsulated works from across the three stories of Sotheby’s Galerie Charpentier, Jeremy Durack thanked Cyrille Cohen very warmly, on behalf of ABIE for his masterful presentation, as well as Nathalie Oberty for her assistance in the organisation of this special event, and the Sotheby’s management team.

This is the third time in the past few years that ABIE has had the privilege of a private viewing of an important collection at Sotheby’s.

The event attracted a number of new ABIE members, including Olivia Goudal, Fleur Irvine and Sylvestre Mang.

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