Welcome to our new Business Member Encompass Corporation

We are delighted to announce that Encompass Corporation has joined AFBA as a Business Member.

Encompass enables fast, accurate identity validation and verification of corporate customers, and a gold standard approach to KYC. Their award-winning corporate digital identity (CDI) platform incorporates real-time data and documents from authoritative global public data sources and private customer information, to create and maintain digital risk profiles.

Utilizing the expertise of a global transformation team of KYC and banking industry experts, as well as strategic data, technology and consulting partnerships, enables seamless integration of Encompass into existing workflows and systems. With Encompass the world’s leading banks improve customer experience and increase business opportunities through consistent regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

Encompass is running a free webinar on 13 March from 4-5pm CET on ‘Corporate Digital Identity: The future of customer centric banking’. Sign up to attend here.

Find out more about Encompass here.