Welcome to our new Corporate Member FLYING WHALES

We are delighted to announce that FLYING WHALES has recently become a Corporate member of AFBA.

FLYING WHALES is a French-Canadian aeronautic startup, backed by an international consortium, which is developing an environmentally-friendly airship: the LCA60T. 

Originally designed to meet the needs of logging renewable wood resources in hard-to-reach areas, the LCA60T’s 60-ton carrying capacity and unique hovering characteristics will offer an air cargo solution in logistically challenging or landlocked areas around the world by enabling transport of heavy or bulky loads without ground constraints. This ambitious and unique program will expand social and economic development, with a very low environmental footprint.

FLYING WHALES is looking to develop the LCA60T’s production and operation across the Asia-Pacific region, through strategic partnership with Australia. 

Find out more about FLYING WHALES here.